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Pengyuan Park

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Location: Xuzhou
Address: Taishan Road, Xuzhou, Jiangsu, China
Fee: 3 Yuan/ticket
Operation: 8:00 - 17:30
Route: Take Bus No. 6, 35, 601, 603, to the west entrance of the park, take Bus No. 11, 19, 20, and tourist Bus No. 1, 2, to the east entrance of the park.

Phone: 86-516-384 8879

This is a comprehensive park and is one of the popular parks in the province. It is visited by 1.2 millions of visitors annually.

The park is comprised of five subdivisions - a zoo, a botanic garden, the Jinghu Lake, an entertainment area, and hills. Occupying a land of around 35 hectares, the park was named the Southern Suburb Park and opened to the public in 1976. In 1984, the park underwent a major expansion plan and was renamed to its current name.

The park is a popular place for local residents and its zoo is a favorite place for families. The zoo is one of the most important breeding locations, especially for endangered tigers and lions, in China. The zoo has hundreds of wild animals and many of them are protected under the most restrictive state laws.

Jinghu Lake is a small lake and its surface area is nearly 2.2 hectares including many water-associated scenic facilities for visitors.

The botanic garden occupies around two hectares and an oriental cheery garden is its best place to see, especially in the spring when the cheery trees bloom.

The botanic garden occupies roughly two hectares. The oriental cherry garden situated within is a good place to see, especially in the spring when the cherry trees bloom.

The entertainment facilities inside the park are decorated during major events and provide children and their families a lot of fun.

Good for a family tour.

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