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Fan Zeng Tomb

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Location: Xuzhou
Address: Pengcheng Road, Xuzhou, Jiangsu, China


This tomb was erected for Mr Fan Zeng (277 – 204 B.C.), the most respected political advisor and strategist of the West Chu State. Fan Zeng advised to Xiang Liang, the uncle of Xiang Yu - the later King of The West Chu State. After Xiang Liang died in a battle, Zeng became an advisor and strategist of Xiang Yu. He was smart and knowledgeable at his time, and loyal to the king. However, the king was deceived by his enemy and therefore did not trust Zeng in the later years. As the distrust progressed, the king eventually dismissed Zeng from his inner circle. Frustrated Zeng finally left the king. He then died from illness on the way home after he was kicked out.

Later developments proved the correctness of Zeng’s judgments that he advised to the king, but the time was too late for the king to save the kingdom. Zeng was beloved by many generals and soldiers serving the kingdom even though he was kicked out of the king’s inner circle. After he died, they buried him and the site became a place to later generations to pay their worship.

Many historians have believed that if the king, Xiang Yu, had listened to and accepted Zeng’s advices, the history would have been rewritten. Now this grave yard has become one of the best places for tourist to visit.

If you want to know more about the history of the West Chu State and Han Dynasty, this place is one of the places you need to go.

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